Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Buffalo, NY wrestling program March 1959 Ilio DiPaolo Bobo Brazil

     Buffalo, NY was once one of the major territories in professional wrestling.  All of the major stars came through the area owned by wrestling great Ed Don George and later Pedro Martinez.  I have a few programs from the late 50's and early 60's that I will be scanning in and posting here on this blog.  Greats such as Ilio Dipaolo, Bruno Sammartino, Whipper Watson, Doc & Mike Gallagher, Bill, Ed & Don Miller, Bobo Brazil, Dick Beyer (The Destroyer) and Billy "Red" Lyons will be featured.

     The first program is for the matches from March 6, 1959.  The program also features short write ups on Ilio DiPaolo, Bobo Brazil, Jim "The Bull" Wright and Chief Chewacki (aka Lenny "Bull" Montana & Luca Brasi from the Godfather).  I hope you enjoy this look back at Buffalo's wrestling past.  You can click on the pages to bring up a larger picture.  I will be posting the rest of my programs over the upcoming days.

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C. Sundol said...

The mid 50's. Those were the days. Live wrestling from Buffalo's War Memorial Auditorium hosted by Chuck Healy. Johnny Barron, Sonny War Cloud, Gene Kiniski, The Great Togo, Gorgeous George. Always the 'good' guy versus the 'bad' guy. We knew it was fake but loved it anyway.