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At long last Volume II of Classic Wrestling From Film is available


At long last, volume 2 of my collection of rare and previously unreleased matches from the Golden Era of Professional Wrestling has made it to DVD. These matches were transferred from 16mm films that I own, not from WWE or TNA sources. Some haven't been seen since the live matches. There is good news and bad news with this disc. First the bad news. Some of the films are silent. They were originally filmed that way so there is no commentary on those matches. Also, while the video is very good quality, it isn't Hi-Def. The transfers are from 16mm film so they show the scratches and wear from the source prints. The films were cleaned and lubricated before transfer but I am only able to work with the prints as I found them. Some are probably the only copies in existence and would have been used by TV stations in the 50's. With all that said, I don't think you will be disappointed with the quality.

Now for the good news. The films were transferred using an Elmo TRV-16 transfer projector allowing for a flickerless transfer and then digitally cleaned. This disc will contain almost an hour and a half of rare Professional Wrestling action. Many of the matches have never been available before and those that have been available are difficult to come across. The DVD will be burned on to a quality disc such as a Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden. The DVD has custom menus and chapters so you can navigate to any match. The DVD will be shipped in a slim case with a cover and match listing insert.

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Now for the matches that have once again been made available;

Classic Wrestling From Film II

1) Gorgeous George vs Woody Strode -- Wrestling From Hollywood (Syndicated TV) - Sound – 26:15
Based out of Los Angeles, this syndicated program traveled around the country via Kinescopes in the early days of television. Our host, sports talk pioneer, Allin Slate introduces this week’s main event match from the Hollywood Legion Stadium. Here we get to see wrestling legend Gorgeous George in action with the full ring entrance. George is a pioneer of the flamboyant wrestler and for a while was one of the greatest draws in wrestling. His opponent is USC football great, actor, wrestler and humanitarian, Woody Strode. Strode made a name for himself on the gridiron and followed with a great career on the mat as well as the Silver Screen. This is a very enjoyable match and a great chance to see a longer match featuring these two.

2) Wrestling Thrills - Karol Krauser vs Chief Bamba Tabu (also known as Yaqui Joe), Olga Baranoff vs. Hanka Kavetzka, Four Man battle Royal; Bobby Bruns, John Melas, Prince Emir Jo Jo and Tabu –Silent - 8:56
This is a silent film with matches from the early 40’s from cards put on by the legendary, and much hated, outlaw promoter Jack Pfeffer. Pfeffer blew the lid off wrestling’s secrets in the 30’s and spent the rest of his career battling with other promoters. They are all edited matches with endings for each. The first match shows hardcore wasn’t invented in Memphis, WWF or ECW, they were already swinging chairs in the 40’s. The last match is a chance to see wrestling great Bobby Bruns in action. Bruns would hold World Titles and go on to book the St Louis and Buffalo Territories to great heights.

3) Lindy Lawrence vs Jacque La Monte - Wrestling From Hollywood (Syndicated TV) - Sound – 24:30
This is another match from the syndicated series. This time the match was filmed in Arizona and is the continuation of a series of grudge matches between these battling beauties. I’m not a huge fan of ladies matches but I can honestly say this one is a good match. Look closely and you'll be able to see La Monte even use a power bomb. Lots of action and fun to watch, it may change your mind too.

4) Championship Wrestling From the Hollywood Legion Stadium (Syndicated TV) - Fred Blassie & Warren Bockwinkel vs. Joe Pazandak & Mr. Moto – Sound - 15:31
Incomplete film has about the last 5 min of the match, then commentary by Jules Strongbow and commercials to the end of the show. The commentary by Strongbow hypes the upcoming World Series of Wrestling and a later one recaps the match and the wrestlers involved. The commercials are pretty interesting and seem to be valium and speed under fancy names, just what the 50’s housewife needed.

5) Mat Masters – Don Evans vs. Jim Corbett & Primo Carnera vs. Laverne Baxter – Sound – 9:33
This film features action from the 50’s of the popular Don Evans and Laverne Baxter who was a roughhouser who had been wrestling since the 30’s. You also get the chance to see the former Heavyweight Boxing Champion Primo Carnera. Carnera gained the title with the backing of a descent jab and some “connected” managers.

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