Friday, October 12, 2012

Classic Wrestling From Film II

  I've just about finished the second DVD of wrestling film transfers.  I'm a bit of a stickler for quality and I'm almost satisfied with the DVD.  These are all films I personally own and transferred using an Elmo TRV-16.  This allows for a flickerless picture that was then digitally cleaned and enhanced.  Featured on this disc will be a match between the incomparable Gorgeous George and the all-around incredible athlete and person Woody Strode.  Also featured will be wrestling greats Bobby Bruns, Karol Krauser, June Byers, Primo Carnera, LaVerne Baxter, Don Evan, Cora Combs and many more. 


Hoss said...

When will your classics II be available on Ebay? Thank you.

william fullenwider said...

when will you get it again and your other dvds of this titles called classic wrestling from film Couldnt find it on ebay i like to buy them Bill