Thursday, July 4, 2013

NOW AVAILABLE! Classic Wrestling From Film Vol IV

Now available is volume 4 of my collection of rare and previously unreleased matches from the Golden Era of Professional Wrestling. These matches were transferred from 16mm films that I own, not from WWE or TNA sources. Some haven't been seen since the live matches. There is good news and bad news with this disc. First the bad news. Some of the films are silent. They were originally filmed that way so there is no commentary on those matches. Also, while the video is very good quality, it isn't Hi-Def. The transfers are from 16mm film so they show the scratches and wear from the source prints. The films were cleaned and lubricated before transfer but I am only able to work with the prints as I found them. Some are probably the only copies in existence and would have been used by TV stations in the 50's. With all that said, I don't think you will be disappointed with the quality.

Now for the good news. The films were transferred using an Elmo TRV-16 transfer projector allowing for a flickerless transfer and then digitally cleaned. This disc will contain almost an hour and a half of rare Professional Wrestling action. Many of the matches have never been available before and those that have been available are difficult to come across. The DVD will be burned on to a quality disc such as a Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden. The DVD has custom menus and chapters so you can navigate to any match. The DVD will be shipped in a slim case with a cover and match listing insert.

You can purchase a copy here: My Ebay auctions.

Here is a listing of what is once again available;

Classic Wrestling From Film IV

1) Ed "Strangler" Lewis v Dick Shikat - Long Island City, NY, June 9, 1932 – Sound – 20:53

This is the best film available to showcase these two all time greats. This film has twenty minutes of highlights from the match between two multi-time World Champion wrestlers. Lews is one of the most iconic wrestlers of all time. Here he is in his early 40's but still shows he can move with the fast paced style he helped pioneer.   Shikat is one of the few wrestlers that was Lewis' legitimate challenger on the mat. Both were feared wrestlers and hookers. Shikat would throw the wrestling world into turmoil when he shot on champion Danno O'Mahoney and stole the title from the trust.

2) Ida May (Mae) Martinez vs Terry Majors - Wrestling From Hollywood (Syndicated TV) - Sound – 24:39

Based out of Los Angeles, this syndicated program traveled around the country via Kinescopes in the early days of television. This match features two excellent women wrestlers. Ida Mae was one of the most famous wrestlers of the 50's.

3) Bone Bender’s Parade – short clips of various wrestling matches from the 30’s and 40’s - includes everything from Sumo and Judo matches to underwater wrestling to U.S. matches featuring Joe Savoldi, “Dirty” Dick Raines, “Sailor”Jack Adams, Fritz Kley, Man Mountain Dean an many others - Sound – 8:14

This short highlight film features wrestling styles from across the globe. You will get to see clips of some great wrestlers in singles action and battle royals. This is reminiscent of the newsreel clips people would see at the movies in the 30's and 40's.

4) 50’s Hilites - Schlitz Library #14 – clips of; Johnny Valentine vs Argentina Rocca, Dick the Bruiser vs Pepper Gomez, Rickki Starr vs The Zebra Kid, Mighty Jumbo vs The Sheik of Araby, Argentina Rocca & Miguel Perez vs Dr Jerry & Eddie Graham, Argentina Rocca, Miguel Perez & Haystack Calhoun vs Dr. Jerry & Eddie Graham & The Sheik of Araby, Sky Low Low & Billy the Kid vs Brown Panther & Red Feather, Penny Banner vs June Byer and Ramona Isbel & Apple Johnson vs Babs Wingo & Marva Scott –Sound – 29:14

This is a great highlight film featuring the most popular wrestlers from the 50's. The film is a bit rough and jumps in spots but is great fun. This film was put out by the Schlitz Brewing Company and distributors would loan the films to local bars for an event. Grab a beer, sit back and imagine yourself at your favorite bar in the 50's. Most of the matches feature wrestlers who would be responsible for constant sellout crowds at MSG. Rocca/Perez vs The Grahams would cause riots, the Bruiser and Sheik would bring the crowds to their feet in anger and the women would be a great attraction.

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