Saturday, February 21, 2015

Gorgeous George vs Woody Strode Wrestling From Hollywood 1950's TV wrestling match

This is a lower quality transfer from my 16mm film, a high quality transfer is available on one of my DVD's. It is available on Classic Wrestling From Film Vol II.

Based out of Los Angeles, this syndicated program traveled around the country via Kinescopes in the early days of television.  Our host, sports talk pioneer, Allin Slate introduces this week’s main event match.  Here we get to see wrestling legend Gorgeous George in action with the full ring entrance.  George is a pioneer of the flamboyant wrestler and for a while was one of the greatest draws in wrestling.  His opponent  is UCLA football great, actor, wrestler and humanitarian Woody Strode.  Strode made a name for himself on the gridiron at UCLA and the CFL.  He then followed with a great career on the mat as well as the Silver Screen.  This is a very enjoyable match and a great chance to see a longer match featuring these two.  Thanks to information from wrestling historian Yohe, the match itself was filmed at the Wilmington Bowl.

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